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Scholarship Spotlight:
Michael & Sebastiana Ombrellino

Siblings Michael and Sebastiana, Brooklyn natives and CCF Scholarship recipients, both have notable aspirations planned for their future. From pasta on Sundays to playing the piano, Michael and Sebastiana are inspired by their hobbies and surroundings to make a difference and carry on the traditions of their Italian heritage.

Sebastiana attends Saint Saviour High School and found out about the CCF scholarship from her older brother, Michael. She loves to spend time painting, sculpting, playing the saxophone, piano, taking acting classes, and modeling. She also spends her free time playing softball and even received the “Most Improved Player,” award. Her dream in life is to be an actress or pathologist and she is inspired by, “hard-working people who are making great marks in the world and continue to affect it, even after they’ve left. I'm inspired by people who do a lot for charity and always think of others first.”
Michael is a Saint Joseph’s by the Sea student involved in many activities. He has been involved in baseball, bowling, band, and stage crew at Saint Joseph’s. He has goals of attending M.I.T and hopes to receive a Doctor of Physics degree. He would also like to pursue a career working for a space program as an engineer. This career goal stems from Michael’s desire to make life easier and better for people. He initially was interested in pursuing a career in architecture, then engineering, and now has a focus on space engineering in hopes of helping as many people as possible to understand outer space. In fact, he is inspired by the places in which people need help and the things we don’t know. He is specifically interested in the exploration of Mars and hopes to be a part of that one day.