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Scholarship Spotlight: Colette Chiodi

Colette Chiodi is a former high school and college scholarship recipient. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended Bishop Kearney High School. She graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Political Science and a Journalism and Mass Communication minor. Upon graduation, Colette began her career in media planning and strategy for an advertising agency in Manhattan. She has worked across several agencies expanding into marketing operations, focusing on consumer healthcare with clients such as Pfizer. After having her second child two years ago, Colette has taken a pause in her career to raise her two young daughters.

Throughout her time at NYU, Colette learned an abundance of skills. Being able to experience the city, taking classes in museums, being included in such a large and culturally diverse university all while getting a top-notch education is something she will never forget. She loved her time at NYU and was involved in many extra-curriculars. Colette was editor and treasurer of NYU’s comedy magazine and worked at the Office of Student Activities’ Budget Office. These roles taught her to collaborate with others and how to manage budgets and communication. She also volunteered at many student-centered events such as welcomes and open houses.
Like many, Colette’s path came about through a lot of research and taking different job opportunities. As many political science students do, she had always considered a career in law. Shortly after college, she became a paralegal but still felt like she needed more. “ I thought hard about what I really enjoyed from my studies at NYU and the lessons learned in strategy, communication and logical thinking were what I appreciated most.” Colette also says that the skills she learned while managing budgets at the Office of Student Activities also gave her a solid foundation. She has had the opportunity to work across several categories including but not limited to, travel, hospitality, packaged goods, entertainment, and healthcare. She also works on projects that include automation, machine learning, and blockchain processes.
Colette has been an active member of the Columbus Citizens Foundation. Vowing to give back to an organization that has helped her so much financially, she joined the Young Adults Auxiliary in 2009, serving terms as Vice President and then President. Under her leadership, the Young Adults hosted many successful fundraising events contributing to the Foundation’s goal and also sponsored an Adopt A Scholar award. Colette now sits on the High School Scholarship Committee and is dedicated to supporting the Foundation and continuing its mission.