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Anthony S. Fauci Scholarship Recipient: Danielle Rinaldi

Anthony S. Fauci Scholarship

The award provides $25,000 per year to an Italian American medical student with an interest in public health, who exemplifies the values and determination exhibited by Dr. Fauci during his career.

Danielle Rinaldi is the first recipient of Columbus Citizens Foundation’s Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Medical Scholarship. Danielle is from New Jersey and is a recent graduate from Boston College, with a biology degree and a minor in Public Health.

Danielle’s Italian family has been a source of inspiration in her life. Her two older brothers paved the way for how she envisions success in her career in the medical field. It is also due to her strong family ties that she found out about the scholarship. Her grandmother’s friend heard about the scholarship through a CCF Member, immediately thought of Danielle, and encouraged her to apply.  

Being the first recipient of the scholarship is deeply meaningful for Danielle. The recognition that she received for all her hard work and her potential in the public health field makes her feel immensely grateful. Her college career was defined by a number of awards and achievements. She was awarded the Outstanding Observer award with Boston College Emergency Medical Services during her Freshman year. She entered emergency medicine not knowing anything about being an EMT, yet it was a supportive environment for learning the critical work done by these professionals. She was also encouraged to mentor others as she gained knowledge and experience.

The scholarship also has an added significance for her as she holds Dr. Fauci himself in high esteem. She was in awe of the grace with which he handled his position and always was able to make the information accessible to everyone – and this is something Danielle hopes to achieve in her career. Danielle believes that this scholarship provides her with the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of public health professionals working to make the world a safer and healthier place.