12/24/2020 12:42:04 PM

Baccala alla Napoletana - Prepared By CCF Executive Chef John Boden

As a way of bringing the Christmas Dinner into your home, please enjoy this recipe and video from Executive Chef John Boden of a CCF Classic, Baccala alla Napoletana. Enjoy, and happy cooking!

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12/3/2020 12:11:15 PM

Kate Ottavino

Founded in 1913, A. Ottavino Corporation is a NYC-based family business that has contributed its stonework to some of the most recognizable buildings and monuments in the City. 

In more recent decades, the corporation has been a frequent collaborator on important conservation projects in the region. The firm is unique in its ability to create, restore, dismantle, reconstruct and conserve ornate and monumental stone with in-house facilities and artisans. The restoration of the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of their most renowned works. Recently, the firm completed the restoration of the Brooklyn Appellate Court and the Whitney Museum.

Kate Ottavino continues the family legacy as one of the members of the third generation to manage the firm’s work. And significantly she has been at the forefront of the movement to assure skills-training in stone cutting, fabrication, finishing work, and conservation is a vibrant part of curricula in career and technical high-school education. 

This evening will be a great conversation with one of the Italian American firms that has contributed to the streetscape we hold dear.

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12/1/2020 10:25:36 AM

Scholarship Bio: Julia Ward

Meet Julia Ward, a CCF High School Scholarship Recipient currently attending Burke Catholic High School in Goshen, NY

“In 2020 Julia Ward’s life has been shaped around many things, but her family has always been the most important element in her growth into adulthood. She comes from a long line of strong Italian women who all have amazing stories to tell about their lives and what it was like adapting to their new country. Although she lives far away from her extended family, they always make the effort to get together and celebrate, whether it’s to simply chat for a few hours on a Saturday, to celebrate Christmas Eve with the seven fishes, or to listen to her great-uncle’s stories. Julia believes the most important thing that has come from her Italian American family is her personality, she says she would be a very boring person had she not been born into her family.”

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